Social Responsibility :

We recognize that our operations can affect the communities and societies within which we operate and we aim to play a positive role.
We promote and encourage economic, environmental, social and educational development where possible and we support our employees' involvement in local initiatives.

BMIPL is aiming to become a company that contributes positively to society and is respected by customers worldwide. Over the last few years the company has grown with the local communities and believes in mutual development along with communities and society through continuous CSR initiatives. Through the initiative the company attempts to help the society take one more step towards self-sufficiency.

BMIPL will strive to raise the standard of living of the people through proposed programs on workplace safety & health, and education & welfare programs that extend to local community.

Social activities done by the company:
  • Constructed various school in Orissa
  • Devloped various water pumps in several villages near the unit.
  • We have been organasining  regularly various Health Camp.
  • Plantation of near about 15000 plants  in Orissa and   sponsored for the  greenery in near by unit.
  • Constructed 2-3 temple in nearby locality to promote spritiual development

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